Massage therapy is available in our office provided by our registered massage therapist.  Some of our massage therapy techniques available in our office include, Hot Stone massage, Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic massage, Swedish massage, trigger point release, Maternity massage, Sports massage,  massage specific in treating Whiplash injuries and massage specific to the treatment of Sciatica .  Many patients utilize massage in our office in conjunction with their Chiropractic Care and many utilize only massage therapy.  Most insurances will cover massage therapy in conjunction with active rehabilitation and Chiropractic care.

  • Honesty

First and foremost, we offer you honesty.  Our patients hear the truth and love us for it!  We will not waste your time or your money.   Our goal is to provide you with the information you need to learn about your condition and to make well informed decisions about your future care.    Our ultimate goal for you is to help you succeed in your recovery, whether it be in our office or somewhere else.  If we can't help you, we will send you in the right direction.    

  • Complete and detailed Neurological and Biomechanical examination

Functional brain assessment refers to examination techniques that can measure the activity of specific areas of the brain and nervous system to uncover weaknesses or imbalances.  If any weakness or imbalances are discovered, proper rehabilitation has been proven to improve the function of these areas.  Certain tests such as brain MRI and CT scans for example, use imaging to assess the structure of the brain and nervous system.  These types of images are used to uncover tumors, strokes and various other problems that can be seen on these images.  The vast majority of neurological problems are not due to structural abnormalities but are in fact due to functional weaknesses.  Functional weaknesses will not show up on brain images such as MRI.  We have highly advanced, well researched medical equipment that we use that can not only find functional weakness in the brain and nervous system but can also measure the weaknesses and give specific numbers.   This equipment is also used to show improvements and these improvements can be published in scientific journals. 

We are honored and humbled with each and every patient that puts their trust in Advanced Chiropractic and Health Center.  Each patient deserves a thorough examination and we take great pride in performing very thorough investigations to uncover the reason or reasons for your condition.  We have very highly developed techniques in examination and x-ray procedures.  We prefer to spend a greater amount of time with you during your examination so that we can not only provide you with an exceptional examination but will also spend time communicating with you why we perform the tests that we do and what they mean.

  • A rehabilitation and treatment plan that is specific to your needs.  No two treatment plans are the same.
  • Functional Brain assessment using state of the art and cutting edge technology

Advanced Chiropractic Neurology And Health Center

What we offer you

Once we uncover the underlying cause of your condition we will construct a very specific and detailed treatment and rehabilitation plan to not only help you get relief but to also allow you to achieve more permanent and lasting improvements.  We want you to achieve your goals with the LEAST amount of treatments possible.   Every patient is different, therefore, every treatment and rehabilitation plan should be different as well.  When we construct a treatment and rehabilitation program for you it will be specific to you based on the results of your thorough examination. 

Massage Therapy